MedTec · History

MedTec · History

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MedTec Medizintechnik GmbH was founded in 1998 in Wetzlar, Germany, by Axel Muntermann. Before, he had already been successful in the development and production of complex solutions for cardiological purposes. First patents date back to this time. For instance systems for the linear radiofrequency catheter ablation of endomyocardial tissue, high-frequency ablation devices or ECG recorders for recording and cyclically storing the digitized ECG signals. Today the group of companies holds 8 national and over 150 international patents. Due to continuous research and further development this number is constantly increasing.

World market leader in the field of therapeutical magnetic resonance
MedTec Medizintechnik GmbH has constantly developed the MBST Magnetic Resonance therapy system and the usage of thearpeutical magnetic resonance technology since its foundation. With this the company has become world market leader in this field of expertise.

We are part of the innovative elite of German SMEs
MedTec Medizintechnik GmbH is one of the most innovative among German small and middle-sized enterprises. The company has received the TOP 100 innovator seal in 2014 and again in 2016.

Milestones of our corporate history

1996 · First research and development activities
The cornerstone for a unique therapy system is laid
Patients reported that their pain in the knee vanished after repeated MRI examinations. Various researchers noticed this phenomenon. Our founder Axel Muntermann took up these random oberservations to start first research and developmental activities. His ultimate goal was the development of innovative therapy devices that made therapeutical use of the magnetic resonance technology known from MRI.

1997 · First prototypes
Beginning of two-year testing phase
The challenge was to store the huge, room-filling MRI technology in a much smaller therapy device. Intensive cooperation with physicists, engineers and doctors lead to the production of the first prototypes. These were tested in practical use by 5 orthopedists for the duration of two years. In this early phase only 3 different indications resp. treatment areas were available. But the therapy results were very promising so that Axel Muntermann intensified research and development.

13th of October 1998 · Foundation of MedTec Medizintechnik GmbH
Foundation of the company in Wetzlar
After the promising therapy results in the test phase Axel Munterman and his creative team specialised in planning and constructing the complex magnetic resonance therapy devices. MedTec was founded for this purpose.

1998 · First scientific MBST study worldwide
Beginning of the first scientific study at the University of Sports in Cologne
The first scientific study concerning the therapeutical use of magnetic resonance on cartilage structures in vivo started shortly afterwards. Prof. Dr. Ingo Froboese of the University of Sports in Cologne was study director of the “Evaluation of the effectivity of three-dimensional pulsating electromagnetic fields of MBSt on the regeneration of cartilage structures”. The study used MRI images of cartilage volume to evaluate changes due to the regenerative effect in knees treated with MBST. It could be shown that the cartilage structures had changed regarding thickness, volume and surface area.

2002 · Construction of a magnetic resonance spectrometer
Research in new treatment areas
In cooperation with the Justus-Liebig University Gießen a magnetic resonance spectrometer was constructed at the firm site to determine the exact treatment parameters for different tissues. The examinations focused on measurements of tissue-specific relaxation times. These are necessary for the development of targeted therapy sequences for the treatment of different indications in various types of tissue.

2003 · First treatment of osteoporosis
Extension of treatable indications
Precise tuning of the tissue-specific therapy sequences was made possible by the work of the internal research department. Modifications on the magnetic resonance device allowed the beginning of the treatment of osteoporosis.

2003 · Market launch OSTEO·SYSTEM
First treatment couch worldwide for whole-body treatment of osteoporosis
Osteoporosis is a metabolic disorder and as such affects the whole bone system. Therefore it was necessary to enable whole-body treatment. MedTec Medizintechnik GmbH succeeded in incorporating the magnetic resonance technology into a treatment couch. The magnetic resonance appplicators were included in the lieing surface, so that the patient can rest comfortably on the couch during the treatment. A study regarding the treatment of osteoporosis was successfully concluded in 3 German practices.

2003 · Market launch of the MBST PRO·MOBIL
MBST therapy becomes mobile
MBST PRO·MOBIL was developed to enable the mobile treatment of patients nearly everywhere, also at home. Conclusive research and developmental work made it possible to produce a magnetic resonance applicator in cushion form. It can be stored in a common trolley bag for easy transportation.

2004 · Development of the MBST OPEN·SYSTEM series
New generation of MBST therapy devices
The OPEN·SYSTEM is an “open” magnetic resonance therapy device that enabled the treatment of the shoulders as well as of patients of nearly every size and weight. The bigger treatment field and new research extended the list of indications and the possible treatment areas.

Development of a MBST therapy device for dental treatment
MBST OSTEO·SYSTEM·DENTAL enables the treatment of osteoarthritis of the jaw and can be used directly in the dentist’s practice. It can also be used to stabilise and improve the bone density of the jaw bone before the placement of dental implants or to accelerate regeneration after fractures or surgery of the jaw bone and joint. Another possible indication are osteoporotic degenerations of the jaw bone.

Entry into veterinary medicine
Based on the findings in human medicine, a MBST therapy system for veterinary medicine was developed and launched. MBST PRO·VET·STATION enables the treatment of cats, dogs and other small animals in an open therapy device with a big comfortable lieing surface.

2009 · MBST SPINREPAIR for aesthetic treatment
Stimulation of skin cells
Research allowed the further development of magnetic resonance treatment for the beauty and aesthetic field. MBST SPINREPAIR can activate metabolic processes in the cells of the skin, stimulate the building of new skin cells and the synthesis of collagens.

Treatment chair for beauty salons
A special treatment chair was designed for the use in beauty salons and anti-aging-centres.

2011 · MBST PRO·VET·MOBIL for veterinary medicine
MBST for horses and big animals
Based on the experiences with the treatment of smaller animals, the MBST PRO·VET·MOBIL is a mobile therapy device for veterinary medicine that enables the treatment of bigger animals, especially horses and in arabia also camels in their stables.

2014 · TOP 100 Top-Innovator
MedTec Medizintechnik GmbH belongs to Germany’s innovative elite
On the 27th of June 2014, MedTec Medizintechnik GmbH was awarded with the TOP 100 seal in Essen by TV presenter and science journalist Ranga Yogeshwar. President Axel Muntermann and his team convinced the jury with their innovation management and innovative success.

2015 · Worldwide distribution
MBST is used in more than 30 countries
The distribution of the MBST Magnetic Resonance therapy system had expanded again. Worldwide, the therapy was in use in more than 30 countries. This internationalisation gave new impulses to intensify research and development. The franchise system became an engine for growth for the therapeutically used magnetic resonance technology.

2016 · TOP 100 Top-Innovator
Repeated award for MedTec Medizintechnik GmbH
After the first success in 2014, MedTec Medizintechnik GmbH reached again the top 10 in the TOP 100 innovator ranking. Second rank in medical technology and rank 4 of all companies. The repeated award shows an unusual, path-breaking professional innovation management also in international comparison.

Introduction of the SPIN·generation
A new generation of MBST therapy devices could be launched. For the first time, the lieing surface of the treatment couch is interchangeable for further indications. The new futuristic design embodies the high-tech technology inside.

2017 · MedTec is FOCUS Wachstumschampion 2018
Another award confirms the chosen path
With the FOCUS champion of growth seal MedTec is again rewarded for outstanding performance of its team and an economical growth above average among Germany’s more than 3 million enterprises. The award also shows the growing acceptance and trust in the MBST therapy system that is the basis of the company’s development.

To be continued …